Intergalactic Muscle Box


In early 1968 legendary drag racer D.B. Petty was involved in a fatal car crash in his 1966 Hemi Charger...or was he? In fact he was abducted and resuscitated by the Earth visiting aliens, the Q-Na, who needed D.B.'s reflex and driving skills to help stop the Evil Nasala Empire from destroying the entire universe. As the Q-Na, using alien technology, brought D.B. back from the brink of death to full health, they stored his memories in the Collective Mind Libraries for safe keeping. This was in case they could not save D.B. from his multiple crash injuries. These libraries house all alien knowledge and life memories and are available to the alien public (if you have a library card!). It is required that all alien species in The Intergalactic Collective donate their memories upon death to this library. Memories are downloaded as a safety measure every few years or during surgeries.

It was while D.B.'s mind was in the library vaults that several unsavory aliens looking for unique fashion and style ideas- extracted his memories to sell on the open market. While D.B. never felt a thing, all his personal thoughts were broadcast far and wide across the galaxies. The result- Intergalactic Drag Racing. Using D.B.'s memories of various match races during the 1964-1967 seasons these mafioso aliens built space ships resembling these "Earth Cars." All were from the 1960-1968 period of D.B.'s life and all are very very fast.







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