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Chrome, steel, and shapely babes prevail throughout "Hot Rod Girls Save the World."

by Paul Parcellin

2008, Un-rated, 122 minutes, Go-Kustom Films
So, what’s going on in Anywhere, Washington? Lots of hot rods, zombies, and intervals of edgy rock ’n’ roll, it would appear.

In case the title doesn’t make it perfectly obvious, viewers will soon find that “Hot Rod Girls” owes a lot to probably every low-budget horror/zombie/car flick you’ve ever seen.

Newspaper reporter Vanessa Trojan (Lindsay Calkins) is determined to write a feature on the hot rod racing team consisting of Jo Leene Dodge (Melene Marie Brown) and her mute sidekick, Betty Petty (Kimberly Lynn Layfield). The two gals build and race street rods as good as the boys, but get no respect from the men who dominate the field. Vanessa wants to write a story that will shine the spotlight of recognition on the pair.

The movie’s action abruptly shifts to a galaxy far, far away on the planet Moosha Maa, where the only words spoken are “Moo-sha Maa” and the meaning of each sentence is translated in subtitles. One Moosha-ite – sort of a whacky intergalactic neighbor living in a day-glow-colored suburb – is bothered by Earth’s radio waves because they’re ruining his TV reception. He decides to decimate Earth with a powerful ray gun. The ray’s effect turns the people of Anywhere into murderous zombie-like creatures who prey on the uninitiated. In the meantime, Seattle-area bands are featured rock-video-like segments that marginally tie into the story line.

When Jo Leene is wrongly accused of a grisly crime, she goes on the lam and an extended chase takes place. The movie’s title implies a soft and fluffy ending, but don’t jump to conclusions. This isn’t a happily-ever-after kind of flick.

The maker of “Hot Rod Girls,” D.A. Sebasstian, obviously delights in ’50s style trash-movie aesthetics. Lots of chrome and steel and a cast of shapely babes prevail throughout. The dialogue mimics that of the tough-talking characters that older generations watched on drive-in screens across America.

The Planet Moosha Maa scenes, which are among the most fun and spontaneous parts of the film, seem to be from an entirely different movie. Throughout, the acting is often over-the-top and sometimes wooden – exactly the mixed bag we’ve come to expect from low-budget genre flicks.

The musical sequences seemed designed to stand alone as music videos, and their production values are of good quality. Overall, the film looks good, despite the occasional use of unnecessary graphical element here and there – washed out color, frames rendered in high contrast so that the scene looks like a cartoon – that distract from the story rather than tell it.

To be fair, this is a movie made by musicians who are admittedly taking a stab at filmmaking for the first time. You’ve got to admire their tenacity in getting the thing done.

That said, if they shoot a sequel I’d vote for a change of venue – say for instance, “Hot Rod Girls of Moosha Maa”? Now those folks would have some totally radical street machines.



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Rodz Review

#33 May 2009

Think late 1950s low-budget, campy, tongue in cheek, black and white hot rod horror B-movie, but set in ‘09. That’s Hot Rod Girls Save The World in a nutshell. It takes place in small Anywhere, Washington, and the three main characters are named Vanessa Trojan, Jo Leene Dodge and Betty Petty. get The Point?

Anywhere is invaded by aliens from the planet Moosha Maa. Those same two “words” seem to be syllables of most native words uttered by the aliens, too.

Sometime Rodz and CKD contributor D.A. Sebasstian is the producer of the film. We featured Betty Petty’s movie Model A coupe in an issue of CK Deluxe a couple of years ago.

The acting in HRGSTW is bad, but we think that may be on purpose. The soundtrack, from KsK is good and the movie flows right along. We’d suggest watching it with friends rather than alone, because you’re going to want to laugh and comment on it. And it’s a hot rod movie. When's the last time we had one of those? - Alan Mayes, Ol ‘Skool Rodz






Volume 4 - Issue 52 12/11/2008

Street Rods and Hot Rods
Hot Rod Girls Save the World comes to DVD
Hot Rod Girls Save the World has just been released on DVD.Maybe it should be seen on a drive-in screen, or maybe it should be broadcast on a public television station over rabbit-ear airwaves late at night to a late 1960s TV set that gets awful reception. Either way, if you intend to watch Hot Rod Girls Save the World, don’t expect your typical film viewing experience.

We mentioned more than three years ago in this space that D.A. Sebasstian, producer of the underground Seattle television show, Go-Kustom TV, was working on a B movie that featured female street racers, aliens, zombies and rockabilly music. Sebasstian, through his Go-Kustom Films, has now released Hot Rod Girls Save the World on DVD.

As Sebasstian notes in the press release, “We are a small film company (and real car guys) without a big Hollywood budget,” and the film follows along the same formula. If you prefer actresses who seem to have spent more time in a garage than a theater department, if you prefer gratuitous rockabilly scenes tossed into movies, and if you prefer your movies dance around genre lines between horror, sci-fi, mystery and just plain raucousness, then you’ll enjoy this film.

At least there are hot rods in it. - By Daniel Strohl

Blue Suede News MAgazine


I'm a fan of the low budget, self-produced film, and this one actually features several people we know from the local Rockabilly scene! Similar in concept to one we reviewed a years back called Flying Saucer Rock' n' Roll, this involves a rural hot rod culture and a force from another planet. One thing that is always interesting about these is the creativity that goes into sets and costumes for aliens when there is a low to no budget involved. And in this one, since Sebasstian himself is a musician, there is a lot of music (not just his own) and also some special effects via computer technology. Because there is little budget these types of productions rely on a script for a lot of the entertainment value - they can't afford trained professional actors. Still, Jimmi Davies as Detective Lloyd does a credible job, and we enjoyed Melene Marie Brown as Jo Leene Dodge especially as we haven't seen her around the scene for a few years. Kimberly Lynn Layfield plays mute Betty Petty, but her anatomy does plenty of talking, including a brief gratuitous nude scene - thanks for sharing Kim! Lindsay Calkins as newspaper reporter Vanessa Trojan is familiar in that she has done interviews for Go-Kustom TV - so in one sense she is kind of like a contract player at this tiny studio. 3 bands appear on screen performing during scenes: The Bad Things, DragStrip Riot and The Wages Of Sin. At 122 minutes it's longish, and I think it could have been edited tighter to give it a little faster pace. Sebasstian is also organizing a festival in Seattle for this type of film (Hot Rod Monsters Film Festival). Well, this one's got hot rods (and hot girls!), aliens, zombies, music, a bit of violence, and some suspense. There is also a CD of the soundtrack music- not including that of the Rockabilly bands - this music is by KsK. They are in pre-production for a next film already (Rat Rod Rockers!), and at the beginning this is called Part 2 of a Trilogy. You can see some scenes on YouTube, linked from the website - MB

rebel Rodz


The negative image of the movie's star, a flamed-out '29 Ford. serves as what surely was
intended to be its own ghostly, undead reincarnation/ It is spooky merely in a sort of campy
way, an impression that is only reinforced by the human stars of this farcical, uh, comedy, the
three young vixens (or Hot Rod Girls) Lindsay Calkins, Kimberly Lynn Layfield, and Melene Marie
Brown. they too, seem rather unimpressed.

But this is not meant to be a review- hell, we may be too scared to review it- but an "announcement
instead. Here it is, boys and girls, the moment you've been waiting for! Watch big city newspaper reporter
Vanessa Trojan (played by Lindsay) travel to a small burg in the Northwest to do a story on two local female
street racing legends: Jo Leene Dodge (Melene) and Betty Petty (Kimberly), and get into some serious,
nay, deadly trouble.

Watch hijinks ensue when Vikki Lee's severed fingers are found and an alien boy from planet Moosha Maa
appears and zombies invade the small town. "Hot Rods, Hot D, half Zombies and Aliens" is what producers
tout as the main characters that are to rivet us and keep us spell bound. Will they? Who knows? "Sure to be
a drive-in Classic film," says the DVD box write up, "by musician turned writer/director D.A. Sebasstian."

If the movie is as confused as its creator seems to be, this could be a trunk load of fun. - Rebel Rodz


"What a fun film! Harkens back to the glory days of fifties horror with a
wacky mix of aliens, ink, oil and blood." ~Zack Coffman, producer/director of Choppertown: the Sinners


Kicks Ass! - Skeeter

Stupid cool. - T. Hatch

I think this is the (BEST FILM) that I've seen sence the 50's & 60's Hot
Rod Movie's. I have had it for 24 hours and already watched it four
times. Thank's for a (GREAT MOVIE) Sebasstian !!! -
Cecil Musick in Dayton Ohio

Hot Rod Girls Save the World is Brilliant! I didn't want it to end!
Really a true classic hot rod B Movie at its finest! I have passed it on to two friends,

and they loved it!Hey if you ever shoot in So Cal look me up! It would be a dream of
mine to be in a movie like yours! when your next film comes out please let me know
xoxoxo thanks again - Miss Jennifer Marie (actress & pin-up model)





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