HRG Right Side

(Lindsay Calkins)
A Seattle Northern Sun reporter sent on an assignment to the little backwater town of Anywhere, Washington, to interview the notorious Street Racing Duo known as ”Hot Rod Girls.” But once she gets there, all intergalactic hell breaks loose. This is her story.

(Melene Marie Brown)
The first half of the Hot Rod Girls is the ever talkative, gum snapping, drag racing hell cat known as JoLeene. She has a thing for local heart throb Johnny DeSoto, which puts her at odds with most of the single gals in town- including the conniving, cut-throat, back stabbing, so and so...Vikki Lee.

(Kimberly Lynn Layfield)
The other half of the infamous Hot Rod Girls, it was Betty’s Hot Rod that gave the girls their nick name in the first place. Her Daddy was the legendary but ultimately cursed Drag Racer D.B. Petty. Although she is permanently mute from a Drag Racing accident, she still manages to get her point across. An excellent mechanic and driver, she has the skills, but can she save the town?

(Jesse James Stewart)
The local heart throb and lead singer (in real life as well) of The Wages Of Sin, Johnny has fallen head over heals for a certain Miss JoLeene Dodge. Can a man court his mechanic? Only if she’s a Hot Rod Girl named JoLeene! Better yet can a DeSoto Marry a Dodge?

(David Nance)
Born on the planet Moosha Maa, Buhgabaa’s father Funkendaa is a complete Alien Wingnut (i.e. Bastard), bent on destroying that noisy little planet Earth. This is because of all Earths radio and TV waves have finally reached the planet Moosha Maa and are really messing up his Dads intergalactic TV reception. Can this Alien Boy stop his own Father? Will he get put on restriction if he does?

(Jimmi Davies)
Hard as nails- Anywhere Washington’s only Detective has a very checkered past. Formerly an FBI agent who was demoted for "unsound methods," he came to Anywhere to start a new life. Now he is driven by a need to know what the hell is going on in his little town. Can he hope to stop the carnage before it's too late?

(Jimmy Powell)
The cranky ol' Gas Station Attendant. "M' names not's Gus!" So get a new jacket already.

(J Maki)
Betty Petty’s blind but feisty Grandma, Nell can't bake to save her life, but she knows her way around a baseball bat. Take that ya creeps!

(Mike Ditmore)
Buhgabaa's Dad says, “Earthlings- I will kill you simple minded gnats...yaddayaddayadda”

(Fanovitch Sebasstian)
Bughabaa's Mum with the most beautiful lips in all the Galaxy.

(Billy Dwayne)
The Hot Rod Girls evil landlord. Part of the Hammboy Family that owns most of Anywhere, Washington. He's just not a very nice guy.

(Heather Lewis)
She always gets her way with a flirtatious wink , a surly smile and a twenty dollar bill slipped quietly into the palm...except when it comes to Johnny DeSoto. What did those Mop Tops from Liverpool sing - “Can't Buy Me Love...” but she can buy you dinner.

(Shawn Shelton)
Who is this guy and what the hell is his problem?

(Ryan Kezer)
Jason is a pin-head. There...thats about all there is to it.

(Chris Darland, Chris Miller, Chris McCombs, Evan Winney)
The Dahmer Gang led by Freddy & Chucky Dahmer (no relation to the serial killer) is a bunch of inbred locals that like to get together have a few and then beat up on people. Not much to do in them there small towns. Beats the hell (no pun intended) outta watchin’ TV.

(Shawn Shelton, Kimberly Lynn Layfield, Tony Ririe, Chris Kearney, Tara Campbell, Heather Tensen, Justin Hopper, Fanovitch Sebasstian)
Keeping America Plague corpse at a time.

(Tony Ririe)
Dutch Von Henry is a born car thief. He stole his first peddle car at the age of 4. Ever since then he's never looked back. In and outta jail more times than a poodle will try and hump your leg- he just can’t seem to keep away from the goods. Now he can get what he really wants.

(Mike Ditmore)
A simple man with simple needs. “Now get the f@#% outta my yard!”

(Denise Ure)
Patty is the best damn waitress at the Kustom Grill & Cafe (used to be the Kustom Bar & Grill until they got their liquor license pulled). Patty is the only damn waitress at the Kustom Grill & Cafe.

(Super Amanda & Hot Rod Heidi)
The good time party girls say- "What was that strange light in the sky?'
"You know I'm not feeling so good..."
"Hold my hair hold my hair!"






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