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Irregular Records was started in 1998 by D.A. Sebasstian and Jeff Venturo. Sebasstian wanted to be in the drivers seat after being a signed artist to Cleopatra Records for years. The first release by Irregular was the Johnny Cash Tribute CD - Americana: A Tribute To Johnny Cash. Irregular started strongly, being instantly picked up by Redeye Distribution and quickly gaining national college airplay for the Americana CD. Shortly there after Sebasstian found a British label by the same name and changed the labels name to Iregular Records. In 1999 he released his own bands full length CD- Kill Switch...Klick - Organica on the newly named imprint. Venturo left the label about the same time.

In 2000 Sebasstian released a Who tribute called Who Cares: A Tribute To The Who. This disc did moderately well and with the other two releases gave the label a good two year release schedule.

Sebasstian never felt quite right about the new name "Iregular" and formally, after extensive internet research, changed it in 2001 to Go-Kustom. He felt this name identified the lo-fi underground sound of the label.

In 2001 Go-Kustom released Sebasstian's second self titled CD, The Penningtones - Circle Of Fifths, Bill Wolfords Head - Exposure To Living and the instrumental tribute Hold The Vocals...A Tribute To The Instrumental Hits Of The 50's 60's and 70's. All discs garnered national college airplay and favorable reviews.

2002 saw some problems for the label. Redeye Distribution and Go-Kustom had a major falling out over unpaid sales, and with a new CD Teen Feeding Frenzy- A Tribute To The Music Teens Love already sent to the pressing plant, Go-Kustom found itself strapped for cash and without distribution. Frustrated, Sebasstian began to turn his attentions to developing a Seattle based television show called Go-Kustom TV. His goal was (and is) to show case local and national underground artists, film makers and performers. The show became popular in the greater Seattle area, with thousands of viewers each week. During a Go-Kustom TV filming Sebasstian met DragStrip Riot.

He signed them soon after and in 2003 with the new CD in hand, signed a distribution deal with Hep Cat Distribution.

In 2004 Sebasstian put the label on temporary hold to write his first feature film Hot Rod Girls Save The World. Go-Kustom Films was born and began shooting the feature length indie film that same year.

2005 saw the revival of the label with a movie tie-in compilation CD entitled Hot Rod Girls Save The World- Music & Mayhem. Sebasstian also began writing a new Kill Switch...Klick album, being joined by long time KsK drummer Mike Ditmore.



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