Here at Divebombers Garage we not only build cars we make movies! Our first full length feature film called "American Thrill Ride" where rival car clubs run the illegal street racing scene in there home town of Medford. Resisting modern day technology, evading the law and pursuing their own dreams. With dim-witted cronies and overbearing family running interference, some dreams are put on hold, and some are extinguished.
  Under the nose of their detective uncle and collegiate sister, the brothers (Chris Darland & Mike Estes) are found at odds with each other. the group has expanded their criminal involvement from street racing and fighting to chop shops and drunken- disorderly, and by dumb luck to fall ass over tea kettle into a murder mystery, and kidnapping. Running from the cops, rival clubs and a loose cannon hitman, the brothers need to find common ground to save their ransomed sister.
  A modern day high octane action comedy of errors. Crowd pleasing rumbles from engines and fists!  This movie will re-ignite the fire that once burned for less technological advances, when things were more simple "back in the day" but in the here and now!


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