I originally wrote the lyrics for Celebrate The Misery before I joined the band Montage (click & scroll to bottom of page)
back in the early 80's as singer and  lyricist. The song is about Darby Crash and his tragic "celebration" of life and death. 
A punk pioneer who destroyed his own artistic talents because of the torment that fueled his music and creativity. 
A true Catch 22.
As a young songwriter I used to pine through various album sleeves looking for song structure ideas and forms to learn how 
to change my poetry into song lyrics. The Germs- GI album was a major influence. I read that album sleeve over and over, 
using it as a blueprint for my own lyric writing.  I  still feel today that Darby Crash is one of the greatest lyricists of all time.
In Celebrate The Misery  I paid homage to Darby and his influence on me by writing- 
"I wasn't something you could see, a simple crash course destiny". 
A year after the Montage E.P. (also titled Celebrate The Misery) came out, Montage effectively broke up.I later used my 
lyrics in my band Kill Switch...Klick setting the words to all new music. The song appeared on the Kill Switch...Klick 
albums Beat It To Fit, Paint It To Match, Oddities & Versions and Organica, charting in the clubs and college radio 
and becoming one of my signature songs (along with Follow Me, Go Man, Go, & deCanonized).

Recently my old guitarist from Montage,  Damian Costilla formed a band called Flare based in NYC. They recorded a 
version of Celebrate The Misery for an album they did as well as releasing a version of it as a 7" on Mother West Records. 
Unfortunately their lead singer LD Beghtol, not understanding my lyrics and with total disregard for lyrical content changed 
1/3 of the lyrics and added his name as a songwriter. Who knows what the hell his version of my song is about.
Flare also tried to publish Celebrate The Misery under their own publishing company. 
Their websites also misled the public by terming Celebrate The Misery as "Flare's classic anthem" etc. etc. Stephin Merrit 
of the band The Magnetic Fields produced and mixed the single and makes mention of Celebrate The Misery in his 
69 Lovesongs CD, attributing Celebrate The Misery to Flare. His involvement in the whole thing is questionable. 
When I confronted the band about all this they claimed they never knew they did anything wrong and blamed it all on Damian 
Costilla. "He never told us you wrote the lyrics", etc., etc. I gave them a "terms of use" agreement that they ignored and now 
am beginning legal proceedings and filing a "cease and desist" order against Flare and their labels Tamper Evident and 
Mother West. This could take months or more. Mother West claims that Flare was just covering my song. I've never covered 
anyone else's song by changing 1/3 of the lyrics and adding my own name as a songwriter! To date neither Mother West nor 
Tamper Evident have paid me a dime in royalties. Just a cover...yea right!

The most frustrating thing about all this is the lack of musical ethics by Flare, The Magnetic Fields, Tamper Evident & 
Mother West (a label and studio supposedly run by musicians!?!?). I guess they'll have to get their musical ethics lesson in 
court. Not to mention that this whole thing takes valuable time away from what I love to do...write music! 
If this sounds like a bitch page well...I apologize. I just want the truth to be known, especially with Mother West, Flare,
Tamper Evident and The Magnetic Fields spouting their blatant bullshit.